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Tel:  01835 870 821   Mob:  07801 584 136

Seasoned Hardwood Logs 900mm3


900MM3 vented bulk bag of seasoned mixed hardwood.

Our ‘Seasoned’ logs are locally and sustainably sourced from within the Scottish Borders.

Caledonia Timber’s seasoned Birch logs are great for creating a substantial heat output quickly and the dense Beech hardwood offers a long, slow burn.

Once cut, the logs are seasoned within our Caledonia Timber yard. Stored in large, 2nd hand potato boxes, creating the right amount of ventilation around the logs. These will be store up to 2years, ensuring that the logs are at the correct moisture content when sold and allowing the logs to be burnt instantly. 

Suitable for stoves, wood burners and fireplaces.

Free delivery within 20 mile radius of TD6 9JP. Delivered in convenient, vented bulk bags

If you wish to discuss this more, please get in touch.

Have a bag to return?

You can receive a discount off your next order if you return the bulk bags!

1m3 bags use code ‘bagreturn1
900mm3 bags use code ‘bagreturn2

Add the voucher code at checkout to receive your discount.

Note: Returned bulk bags must be from Caledonia Timber. Coupons / offers can not be exchanged for cash and only apply to repeat orders. If the ‘bagreturn’ coupon is applied, but no bag is returned, additional fees will apply. Bags can be returned during your next delivery, or exchanged in person for collected orders.