Scottish Larch cladding

Our Larch cladding from the Scottish Borders has fantastic naturally durability.

Due to its attractive appearance and natural resistance to decay Scottish Larch is a popular cladding timber.

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Caledonia Timber Scottish Larch is felled from well managed forests, local to the Scottish Borders.

Scottish Larch is well suited to sawn square edge or waney edge profile cladding and is air dried to a moisture content of 20% (+/- 2%). Available in standard lengths and thicknesses, or custom-cut to your exact needs we can provide the right timbers for your project.

Cladding with Scottish Larch is a cost effective solution and offers a good alternative to Cedar or Douglas Fir. Scottish Larch is strong and naturally durable, meaning it is ideally suited for use in exposed areas which are prone to heavy usage. Scottish Larch is best left untreated, and will take on a silver appearance if left to weather over time. However, it will also accept exterior oils and finishes.

All of our Scottish Larch cladding is cut to order, available in a wide range of cladding profiles. Please get in touch or use our instant quote tool below to get an estimate for your project. This can be submitted to our team for processing.

Cladding styles

Square edge cladding

Our square edge sawn cladding can be used to form Yorkshire boarding, open boarding or overlapped for board-on-board cladding. Our Square edge cladding is air dried and supplied off-saw.

Waney edge cladding

Our waney edge cladding will give a beautiful natural look to any project. The waney edge is hand-cut to ensure no bark or sapwood is left on the timber, which will degrade over time.

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Minimum order value is £400. Cut timber is subject to availability. Prices may vary from those stated due to variations in wholesale timber costs.