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Tel:  01835 870 821   Mob:  07801 584 136

Fire retardant coating

Caledonia Timber can provide a in house, eco-friendly ‘Fire Retardant’ treatment for your timber up to standard Euro class B.

A great eco-friendly choice in fire proofing any type of timber without harming the environment.


Caledonia Timber’s Fire retardant treatment is a non hazardous, water based solution and is the perfect way to fire proof any type of cut timber without being obvious due to its opaque finish.

Whether it’s for personal choice or building control, fire retardant treated timber ensures the safety of buildings occupants due to its abilities in restricting fire ignition and can reduces the speed of flames/burning. 

Euro Class B Fire Retardant

Once the application has fully dried, our fire proofed timber is not affected by weathering or high moisture content areas such as external cladding or internal cladding I.e. saunas, kitchen and bathrooms. This non toxic solution gives off no oder when installed and has natural anti fungicidal properties. 

We can apply and certify our Caledonia Timber cladding and beams or provide a fire retardant finishing service to your own timber within the Lilliesleaf Sawmill up to grade Euro class B-s1, d 0. 

If you wish to discuss this further, please get in touch with us as we would be happy to discuss your options.

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