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Tel:  01835 870 821   Mob:  07801 584 136

Brushed timber

Our brushed timber cladding is carefully brushed after sawing to remove any loose fibers and enhance the texture of the wood grain.

Our brushed timber cladding is processed on-site and is a fantastic option to highlight the natural elegance of our Scottish timbers.

Brushing removes any loose fibers and enhance the texture of the wood grain. The result is a unique, tactile surface that beautifully highlights the wood’s natural patterns and character.

The brushed finish of this cladding provides a rustic yet refined appearance, making it a versatile choice for a variety of design styles. For interior applications, brushed sawn timber brings warmth and depth to any room, creating an inviting atmosphere. Externally, it offers a robust and attractive facade that blends seamlessly with natural surroundings.

One of the key advantages of brushed timber is its ability to accentuate the wood’s natural beauty while providing a durable, long-lasting surface. The brushing process opens up the grain, allowing for better absorption of stains and finishes, which ensures a rich, enduring color and added protection against the elements.

Choose brushed timber cladding to enhance your projects with a beautiful, textured finish. Its combination of aesthetic appeal, durability, and natural charm makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking to create a distinctive and enduring look.

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